It’s a Light Bulb

Sydney NYE 2015 - (c) 2015 Gerard Blacklock

It’s a Light Bulb

Hey ya’all, happy NYE and welcome to 2015. May the year ahead be fulfilling and satisfying year in your life 🙂 I am sure there is some chinese proverb which is better, but meh 🙂

Here is the start of the third installment on the City of Sydney’s 5 million dollar powder/cracker show for NYE 2015… 😉

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40 thoughts on “It’s a Light Bulb

  1. Wow! Wonderful! I love this powder colorful and bright! Good celebration +Gerard Blacklock I always thought that New Year's Day was a day like any other…now, I find myself (through this social), to rejoice with the rest of the world!! A great 2015 to you! 🙂

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