So at a little church just outside the Trossach National Park there is a grave (or allegedly 😉 ) of a dude called Rob Roy, a outlaw, a hero, and probably a whole bunch of other things, however he is immortalised in hearts and minds of most Scots and probably half the world thru various movies 😉

Anyway, I could not find his grave there, but that was because there was this little neat creek running down the hill behind the church, which I chose to check out instead. It was a mess of rocks, roots and branches, quite a challenge to get a consistent, coherent composition, well one without balancing on the edge of a precarious rock and falling bum over chin 😉

The brilliant greens is just something to be seen over there, its not like in Oz where you will have the occasional patch of sweet green-ness, but instead its just that any piece of foliage is nuclear green 🙂 and thats before I take a picture of it 😉

This was a 3 shot panorama, I just could not leave out that cool bank with the awesome ochre colour.

D750 coupled with Nikkor 16-35 @ 16mm Aperture: f16 and Shutter Speed: 30 seconds (and it was the middle of the day!)
ISO: 100
out front: just another sweet Scottish Creek

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