These places have changed alot since i was a kid, i remember the days of the old catalogues and trying to find books, but mostly remember just picking out books based on their cover and titles 🙂 from Tintin to the Hardy boys, i read alot of books (i mean alot! probably scarred me for life since i very rarely read books now lol ) and its probably the only reason why i did ok at english, although it was mostly a waste since now i'm an engineer and speak in as little words as possible and draw pictures 🙂 .. my competent grasp of the english language could now be argued 😉

For the record, she (tickles aka mayhem) had run off (yup shes a runner 🙁 ) found a bunch of books and some somewhat comfy chairs (not in the kids area).. fyi Canada Bay Library, i love that you have a awesome kids section but damn, put some seats there so that any adult larger than a hobbit can actually use them for more than 3 seconds. 😉

I feel pretty old when i have absolutely no idea how this new fangled system of borrowing works, seems to have just reduced the number of librarians.. are there still such people?

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