Long Nose Point.

Long Nose Point.

Its been over 7 years since i last visited this spot, since then there has actually been some proper raised walking tracks and signage put in place. I did not work that out until walking back in the morning, on the way in I simply followed the same path i did last time, which at the time i thought, bugger they have really let this track go and geez the battle with the face eating spiders was a bit more intense then i recall. Low and behold there is a new portion of track put in place with a raised board walk which does not follow the old track

This was taken about 40 minutes before the sun was due to rise and it was very still and quiet (planes were stacked ready to roll into Sydney once the curfew lifted ). It all changed once the sun came up, wind picked up and clouded over, wind strong enough to turn the first few keen fishing boats around and make one think twice about how close to stand to the edge.

Cape Baily Lighthouse in the distance.

Long Nose Point.
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