2 thoughts on “More cliche, I have now officially lost count of the number of shots I have take…

  1. +G Dan Mitchell had a blog post about shooting icons, especially when there it is from a vantage point with wall to wall tripods. There are several ways of looking at this. But for me, as the viewer, who will, in all likelihood, never have the opportunity to see your beautiful city, with its glorious harbour and incredible skyline, this image is my window to a world of beauty that I would never otherwise experience. And even if hundreds of other tripods were lined up along with yours, there is no way in the world that they would have produced an image that would move me the way this does. From now on, I will think of Sydney as the city on the blue water under a rainbow sky.

  2. +Carolyn Fahm Certainly a interesting read from +G Dan Mitchell thanks for the heads up on that one! I have also experienced the wall to wall tripods and countless workshops at various iconic locations, but I think 'meh', each to their own and as +G Dan Mitchell does, i move onto somewhere else. I guess it also works positively to push me to try and capture a scene differently or even just try and get out somewhere else and try something completely different.

    I am glad you like the view and it is a bit different to the usual shots of those location (due to the rays mainly), I am also glad I can provide you with a window to this awesome city (except for the house prices and traffic) 🙂

    Thanks for having a look and commenting, its appreciated. 🙂

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