Nikkor 300mm f4 vs Nikkor 300f4 w/ TC-14EII

In preparation fo rteh upcoming Williamtown Airshow, I have been loaned a teleconverter to supplement my 300mm f4, there are plenty of reviews and advice out about the 300mm f4 with the TC-14EII, however, not to be completely convinced until I have tried it myself!

This is a work in progress and hopefully contain some more images as time passes and after the aircraft where I am sure I will use the 300mm f4 with and without the converter.

300mm f4 with TC-14EII attached, uncropped

300mm f4 with TC-14EII cropped

Beautiful conditions on Sunday Morning for some back yard shots, the first with the TC, at obvously a greater distance but still filling up the frame:

The second with out the TC, this was closer, but again filling teh frame.

300mm f4 without TC

300mm f4 without TC

300mm f4 without TC

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