6 thoughts on “not sure whether its worth 390, but man 3500 lumens, ya gonna need iso 50 for lighting with this bad boy

  1. yeah, dunno, but really the cost is pretty high, 600 odd lumen torches are pretty cheap now (30 bucks), i got a nice variable zoom one awhile back which is around 600 lumens and was a silly price..

  2. im tempted to see if I can upgrade my Wolf Eyes Defender 260 that I spent too much money on way back then. Got to see if there is anything more powerful than the 350 lumen drop in module that Glenn offers ($36).

  3. – it's Sick! – probably melt sh*t that you point it at too 🙂
    The Nitecore 860 lumen torch I got was pretty cheap ($47 delivered) and it uses standard rechargable AA's which I prefer – +Cameron Fong – it's likely the 1LED 1/4 power torch you're referring to (4 x 860 = 3440) and the torch pictured looks like a beefed up image of mine with 4 turrets 🙂

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