PK-13 Extension Tube

29 smackaroo’s from Foto Riesel in the city, the PK-13 is basically a glorified spacer (Nikon PK-13 is an auto extension ring with AI diaphragm coupling) and a a retail price of 129 bucks a rip off, well ok it has a few moving parts and some machined bits.. but hey…

So what does one do with a PK-13, basically stick it between the lens and the camera and it moves the focus point to give some serious macro capability, even on a 105mm prime it makes for a pretty decent macro. However sticking it on the 55mm 2.8 micro it really sings, admittingly you need to be so close to the subject it ain’t funny, but still, there is room enough to squeeze some light in so off ya go.

pictures you say? well I got a few of them too…

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