Snow Camping Tips:

Bring additional foam mat – the cheap blue ones – use for sitting on and/or under sleeping mat if you are a cold sleeper.

The little reflective silver sitting pads are great too – i use one of these with the blue mat and my booty is never cold when sitting on the snow.

Dig a footwell in your tent vestibule – this is the best trick ever, makes getting on and out of the tent heaps easier, especially if your like me, overly tall. Basically means you can sit inside your tent and put your feet into the footwell.

Use snow pegs – this place has them really cheap at the moment.…/

Bring and use pack cover – use this when you put your bag down to stop getting snow in it and also to cover it when snowing, particularly when your setting up or packing up camp.

If you use a gas cannister – put it on something to insulate it when using it, also pour some hot water over the cylinder to improve performance, particularly at the end of the cannister life.

Use drink bottle with hot water inside as a hotwater bottle at night, put a spare sock around it to keep it warm through the night. Absolute game changer for people with cold feet (like me). Also put water bottle into sleeping bag to warm it up first.

Bring Snow shovel. Build a camp wall, does two things, warms you up as you build it and provides lots of protection from the wind. Also make sure you set your tent up on a flat surface – nothing worse then sliding off your warm mat onto icy cold patches all night long :). Pick you camp site carefully to avoid wind and dead trees… but more importantly to get a great view when you wake up 🙂

Also build a camp kitchen in the snow where everyone can sit.

Take ‘Hot Hand’s’ as backup to put in your socks or gloves to keep them warm. I find sometimes putting them into my socks between toes can help thaw them out

Put gloves and socks into sleeping bag to dry out/stay warm during the night.

Shake tent regularly to release snow piling up 🙂 if you wake up thru the night just give the poles a rattle 🙂

take a couple of light weight plastic bags to put your feet into if your boots get soaked.

Use a merino wool buff/neck warmer, even the super light weight ones are great and make a big difference I find. Always put a fresh dry pair of socks on to go to bed in.

Always layer and take the time to take layers off if your hot – sweating is very bad and will make you extra cold.

Use an insulated mug – other wise your cuppa will be cold very quickly 🙁

Use the ventilation flap on the tent nothing worse than a wet sleeping bag from all the condensation.

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