made from hail

If someone said to me they were building snowman in Sydney in April, i would laughed and made a comment about craziness, however, it would appear that this is indeed possible…

Probably most in Sydney would have heard about this freakish weather event (hail storm) we had on Saturday, myself and the girls were driving home/to dinner when it hit, Chaos thought it was a absolute hoot whilst tickles was more reserved 😉
After getting home (after a quick stop at for icecream) , there was only one thing left to do, build snowman and ice slides 🙂 even if it was pitch dark 🙂
lets say the girls slept pretty well that night 🙂

So, here's our snowman, we had enough ice/hail slurry that we could have made another one 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Snowman

  1. That is amazing! Very difficult to do this with the hail, and that must have been a memorable strorm! My compliments to Chaos for her artistic ispiration, really creative work! (and very very sweet :)).

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