Storm Runner Triptych

The basic concept of a triptych is to link or tell a story with the images, for me, i started with triptychs mainly since I could never decide on what image I liked out of a series, this has morphed into triptychs that mostly follow the landscape or, more likely a series of images of the kids which lays out what happened 🙂

Sometimes, and only sometimes, do a get a few images that are related and when combined create a story or a link.

I reckon this is one such example, now whilst the viewer may not know the 3 images are all from the same location but basically lookign in different directions, this fact is not really important to anyone else but me. In this image the flow of the land lines up between the images to form a landscape, the seat and the building create points of interest and raise question marks for the viewer, the middle image throws in the human context and links the two.

Taken at Sydney Park, one of the City of Sydney Councils success stories, lets hope the west connex interchange that they are putting next door does not stuff it up 🙂

3 images
D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 @ 24mm Aperture: f8 and Shutter Speed: 1/50s
ISO 400
Out front – umbrella, rain and lclouds

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