Wolli Creek, the true reflections.

15 years ago this patch of land was nothing but a bit of left over industrial land, its now a tiny suburb of apartments with about 15K people living there.
I have driven past this place for the last 15 years and watched it evolve and slowly swallow the only free standing house there (Discovery point), its great that they opened a train station right there as well, probably the only saving grace for the people there since the surrounding roads have not changed

Wolli Creek, the true reflections
(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Spatial disorientation

Happens when your smashed and on the way home from the pub on friday night or flying around in pitch blackness.. however nowadays it seems the world is completely spatially disorientated with recent events.

You cannot tell what is really on the up and what is really down below.

This is image is not manipulated in the sense of reflections added, actually, its a single shot at 243 seconds, i have not even flipped the image, the composition is straight outta the camera – i know that’s important to some
no added reflections, no added flippage, just me standing upside down when taking it

Spatial disorientation – (C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved