Sublime Fog

Went to see the sunrise at Sublime point the other day, typical mountains weather, no sunrise, no view, nothing but fog, I definitely mist the sunrise so this path was the next best subject


I bought a new pair of hiking boots from a drug dealer. I’m not sure what he laced them with but I was tripping all day.

for the record, i only tripped once, this was one such spot…

Take back the Socials..

we need more jokes and less serious crap.

A polar bear walks into a bar and says to the bartender β€œI’ll have a rum …………………. and coke.”

The bartender asks, β€œWhat’s with the big pause?”

The bear shrugs. β€œI was born with them.”

Cascade Falls – Macquarie Pass (aka the vomit comet)

So I had this well laid plan to visit a spot that would be pretty quiet with a nice stroll in the bush to check out a few low key waterfalls. Well clearly the rest of Sydney and the Albion park yocals did not get the memo…

This place was busier then the freakin’ shopping centre that i go to in Sydney..

Anyway, some of the ‘cascades’ are quite nice and there is plenty of space to find your own little spot and that what I did for a few shot…

We did hit the cliche curly tree for a shot and that was fun

good time to try out the #kasefilters magnetic CPL and ND


It does not matter where in the world you are, Oz, scotland where ever, there has gotta be a universal hatred for this little buggers – mozzies are bad, but at least you have half a chance without bug spray, you can slap them, wave ’em or whatever and come out somewhat ok.. Midges on the other hand, these are like the ninja cousins of the mosquitos, tiny little specs that you barely feel and to make matters worse these little buggers get onto you then crawl around before biting.

I spent just about my whole break with a grand total of 3 mozzie bites until one day where I let my guard down with no bug spray on.. in grand space of 7.5 minutes i was destroyed and destined to days in the itchy sin-bin.

A few photos as my legs were prime feeding ground for the local midge population..

Under the Sea. I do have a bit more respect for the ocean now, not that I did no

Under the Sea. I do have a bit more respect for the ocean now, not that I did not before, but ignorance is sometimes bliss and when you see things from above you realise that when you go for that morning dip in the ocean, your sharing it with a bunch of friendly pals just outta sight…. some cute dolphins, turtles and stingrays… but also some chompy friends as well.. πŸ™‚ 🦈🐬🐒

Alignment – years in the making.

This would make some mad story about how I planned this session out, waited for the right time of the year for the sun to align with the natural arch so it threaded the eye of the needle then got up for sunrise every day for a week just capture a glimpse of this rare event…

nope, the most amount of thought given was how late can I get up and still get there in time for sunrise ( I call that JITP – just in time photography )…. or morely likely a session watching the clouds and rain and getting wet.

Luckily for me we camped all but a 15 minute walk away, so close I could actually wait for the noisy birds to wake me up as I ninja’d out of the tent with… More

Thunder in the dunny.

Well that was a wild visit to the camp dunnies

As this storm front came thru the associated wind gusts took out a bunch of dead burnt out trees along this road which made some very eerie sounds, like a herd of elephants crashing thru the bush.

I have this neat miops trigger which to this day I have only ever used once.. probably cause I never plan to go out and photograph lightning, maybe one day, kinda wished I had brought it for this day…. This was a single shot @14mm, f14 30 seconds.