Truth Telling.

What do you call a giant mushroom?

Now lets be clear, these infamous glow in the dark fungi, ghost fungi, Omphalotus nidiformis or what name you choose, do not really glow in the dark. They are bioluminescent, but really your gonna have more chance of falling off the cliff in the dark whilst trying to spot one of these glowing in the dark on your midnight stroll..

To make things worse, you can’t even eat them, apparently they are toxic and will have you in a power vomit before you know it… so offer them to your enemy first…

Rodney Campbell found this monster one in Lane cove, its gotta be the size of a dinner plate!

To see the green glow which they emit, you… More

Rock pool.

Some nice rockpools at Little Bay from all the rain.

We were reflecting on those who have recently lost their lives here – the guy with his 8 year old son swept off the rocks and the swimmer attacked by the shark. Don’t take life for granted, you never know when your number is up.

16 billion dollars worth of tunnel here…

kinda funny how they seemed to get the tunnel finished and get the cars thru but the promised parkland and open space seems to be delayed… prolly cause parklands don‘t generate revenue, cars do, I guess we don’t want another motorway operator to fold.

Rest assured folks, i’ve got it covered, just checked, my tolls have pretty well tripled since they brought the tunnel in, but its OK, the NSW government gave me free rego

Expectations vs Reality..

Life lessons with the Rodinator (aka Rodney Campbell)

‘yeah yeah gerry its all sweet, got this sh$t planned out’

Expectation: milkyway , note. not epic, not full core, just a milkway
Reality: Hey look i can see a star or two

Expectation: Awesome mad lighthouse
Reality: flakey paint job , poorly maintained barber pole impersonating as a ship deterrent device…with a light, seriously, do they still need lights ?

I found some old lighting painting crap from many years ago, partially destroyed from an exploded battery pack, mental note, don’t leave batteries in devices too long
But it did have a partially functioning bit of EL wire and a red bike torch stolen from Sarah Joy we made something outta of nothing.

Rodney, next time, i’m choosing the location.

But hey check out the exposure on that light – it only took 432 shots to nail that


I was looking for the Fung-iest joke ever…. but really they are all pretty bad, not even dad-worthy.

Fungi panoramas and some weirdo caged insect thingyabob.