If no one believes in a god… does it exist ?

If no one believes in a god… does it exist ?
ever since being a little kid i always thought it would an absolute cackle when aliens came and looked upon our planet and race, surely this ants nest of people and the plethora beliefs and gods would bring a giggle to any self respecting alien…
Don’t get me wrong.. a belief system is good, if a god does that for you then fine, but it all seems a bit warped now.. thinking politics and religion right now.
on a lighter Sunday note, heres another tree with his pal the rock.

Mont Dragon Fly Tent – review (kind of)

I have been looking for a new tent for yonks, each year I have said, I better get something that is better suited for alpine conditions. Ever since doing my first snow camp trip with my old MSR Hubba Hubba I have wondered about how well a proper 4 season tent would go and whether it was worth upgrading – noting that really the key difference between a 3 season and 4 season tent seems to be use of a full nylon inner in place of a mesh inner. That air gap between the fly and the inner is what keeps that warmth in. It (4 season) might also help reduce the need for my mega snow walls :) although they are a joy to build :)
I’m by no means a tent guru and my experience is pretty well limited to a couple of lightweight hiking tents and on the opposite end of the spectrum the taj mahal 3 room car camping tent for the minions..that said, that ain’t gonna stop me having an opinion :)

Snow Trees.

Snow Trees.
One of the most enjoyable things about taking photos in the snow is the search for the perfect tree, the tree that stands out and is isolated from its surrounds.
Looking back at my GPS track for the morning and it looks like a crazied lost drunk dudes path! – quite often i spot a tree in distance, barely visible in the fog which looks awesome so i spend 10 minutes trudging thru the snow to get to it only find out its actually not as good as it looked, but then i spot another and so the process continues
This little gum was one of the better ones and coupled with some nice cloud it made for a nice scene.

Snow Trees.

Phallic Rock

Remember, whilst one person may see the side that is a square jawed hero, others may see something completely different, like a dick.
Same rock, two different angles (90 degrees to be exact, but whos counting)

Snow Starburst

This place makes sunrise without clouds simply awesome :)

Using a feature in the landscape to take the edge away from the sun can be you capture shots like this using single exposures, in this case, this panorama was 3 separate shots stitched together. Placing the sun just behind a branch on the frozen tree meant that the dynamic range of the scene could still be captured by the camera in one exposure as opposed to bracketing the frames..