Happy Place.

Pretty well a ritual every day, plonk oneself infront of bookcase and pull down a bunch of books. Little E will happily spend 15 minutes here just thumbing thru the books, lifting flaps and feeling textures.

Happy Place.
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– Oh shit.. he’s busted me again.
– screw it, i’m going in anyway.. it’ll be worth it..
– ohh.. blissful choc powder!
– don’t be cranky dad, i put it back and did not spill any:)

I think its a rite of passage for all my kids to eat my coffee sugar, choc powder and coffee beans (they only try those once ) i can’t remember how many times i have had to clean my choc powder shaker to remove hardened slobber and chocolate powder…


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yeah punk

your just lucky I can't walk over there and punch you in the nose for making me wear this non-functional headband…. just you wait ;)

I really wanted one of those cool baby shots where the child is fast asleep and positioned in this handy basket that I found in the kids room the other, but little E is not so little and not so non-wriggly.. at the very least Tickles and I had fun trying to get her to cooperate :)

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