Sydney Fireworks

I achieved one goal for the fireworks this year, i got to see the fireworks from both the western side of the bridge and the eastern side, standby for my patent on tele-transportation in 2018 🙂

The fireworks are always interesting but to the fireworks head honcho explosion maker/decider can I make a few suggestions.
1) given that you guys are struggling with the invention of smokeless fireworks can I suggestion rather than a rolling display break it up with a few small intervals, only a few minutes to let the smoke clear a bit 🙂

2) The first sequence of fireworks is the one where you get the best shots because of the smoke issue 🙂 and lets be honest here just about every person watching the big bang has a camera so that a big part of the display 🙂 hence makes sure the first sequence counts, I liked the numbers this year but really they made crap pictures 😉 2014 and 2015 were much better 🙂

3) I note you have taken notice of my suggestion from last year.. but i'll suggest it again.. because.. you can never have too many blue fireworks 🙂 they are awesome in my opinion 🙂

4) feel free to contact me for some consultation 🙂 i'll trade for a awesome vantage point next year 🙂

btw, check out the first picture with the 'top-hat' firework.. now thats pretty damn cool, hats off to you explosion engineers for that one 😉
The last 3 are from the western side of the bridge..

In Album 01/01/2018