Middle Sis

Middle Sis
Every one needs a big sis, some are lucky enough to have a big sis and a middle sisΒ πŸ™‚
The best place in Sydney park ? with the crazy swans and their cygnets… since no dogs are allowed there πŸ™‚ I’m glad they have fenced off the bottom pond here, it means you can get some relief from all the dogs in the park – don’t get me wrong, i like dogs, but it seems the inner west has gone dog mad.

Pretty sure some dog owners would prolly like to see a area fenced off for no kids on scooters too πŸ™‚


Slide – (C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reservedSlide. I was always dubious about these slides, we get berated for making stuff in aircraft with sharp edges (2mm) – i would have thought the edges of a kids slide (and these are pretty long too) should be nice and rounded… That said, Little E skips the baby slide and goes straight for the real ones, looks like fun πŸ™‚

I was always dubious about these slides, we get berated for making stuff in aircraft with sharp edges (2mm) – i would have thought the edges of a kids slide (and these are pretty long too) should be nice and rounded…

That said, Little E skips the baby slide and goes straight for the real ones, looks like fun πŸ™‚

Thursday Burn – Sydney Park Skyline

Thursday Burn-(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Thursday Burn-(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

There is alot of pain in the world, but this week seems a bit worse, in the space of a couple days in Oz we have a had:

A crazy crash on the M5 motorway killing one child in a car with another one not far off – drove past that in the opposite direction and i wondered how anyone would walk away from that (3 cars and a truck).
One of two twins dying in their parents bed, the second fithing for their life still..
2 young children, toddler and baby perishing in a locked car (QLD) and another in a separate car…

Park Fun - (C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved

Sydney Park.

I used to really enjoy going to this park, but now it is now overrun with people walking their dogs, well, basically thr majority just letting their dog roam free. I can put up with the occasional dog checking me out and sniffing the kids and dodging the occasional dog poo, but when you spend half your time dodging dogs, picking up the kids and trying to stop dogs scaring the kids it gets a bit tiresome.

To cap it off and this is probably the real kicker, the blatant disregard that dog owners have for clearly marked signs just makes me irate. A big part of Sydney park is the wetlands which has had extensive landscaping and design and is now home to a bunch of birds, even some crazy migrating birds, then you see the banks of the waterways decimated by dogs and dogs in the water and you just shake you head. “No dogs in wetland”.. what part of that is not clear?

the only way to stop this is by putting fences around it which means access is lost for everyone.

Note: there are some who do seem to do the right thing, but it really seems to be the minority.

Rant over – some BW images for something different

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Tickles first Bike Ride

I am not sure what enjoyed more, watching Tickles ride around Sydney Park for the first time or watching others get out of her way. Not bad for a first effort, just need to work on the application of the braking system, not so much the ability to actually use both the pedals and both handbrakes but moreso to use them in a more gradual application. We certainly broke in that new bike and the tyres, each application of the brakes resulted in a black rubber streak on the path πŸ™‚ and mostly me or someone else tripping over her πŸ™‚ One complete lap around sydney park definitely deserved an over priced icecream…Well done to Chaos also for being a helpful big Sis with plenty of encouragement and the occasion threat πŸ˜‰

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Sneaky development

Ya gotta be careful in this day and age, developments will sneak up on you when you not watching… eating up that green space and invading that skyline.

My tribute to the westconnex program..

Have a read of this page for some great spin..


if they used the phrase 'world’s best design standards' any more i think I would barf – can anyone educate me on what this actually means, is there a world best design standard ? does that mean the tunnel will be as good as the ones in Norway πŸ˜‰ ?
'WestConnex will remove traffic from local roads'
really ? how do they figure that ?

Anyway the image is actually from the other side of the park where there is a bunch of new apartment development going on.. i guess they are all gonna have cars and drive on local roads πŸ™‚

Sydney Park

I really like this park, its recently under gone some rework to tweak the water course and I gotta say it looks fanatastic and also includes lots more paths, stepping stones and all most important of all, more nice smooth areas for scootering πŸ™‚

I have recently started running at this park, well running might be a bit of a exaggeration at this point, a slow jog that decreases in speed over the session πŸ™‚ with lots of space and and areas where you can run on the grass (rather than concrete) its pretty unique for the inner west. In the past I have taken plenty of images at this park, particularly of runners silhouetted on the hills and during storms and always made some smartass comment about nutters, I guess thats gotta stop now especially since I did even go running in the rain πŸ™‚
Chaos and Tickles love this park too, awesome spot for riding the pushbike and barrelling down puppy dogs with the scooter πŸ™‚ (yeah tickles, i am looking at you here)
So, here are a bunch of pictures from a recent visit πŸ™‚

Sydney Park

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Crazy Chops Saturday

how much fun can two kids have on a hill?

This reminds me so much of my childhood, we did not have bundles of toys or the latest game console (think original.. yes the original and first nintendo console πŸ™‚ ) but we made our fun on our pushbikes in the parks, bush, local creek or anywhere else where we were probably not allowed to be πŸ™‚

Its great that in Sydney we do have alot of open spaces and parks where we (and the kids) can go and ride pushbikes and get outside. Sydney park is one of the great spots I reckon, only slightly ruined by the large number of free roaming dogs (and the resulting dog shit from inconsiderate owners…). This hill is a particular favorite of mine, we can watch the NYE fireworks from here, have a BBQ (on the new electric BBQ's), roll down the hill, run up the hill, run around the hill, walk around the hill, sit on the hill, watch planes from the hill, watch other people from the hill, ride bikes up the hill and yep you guessed it.. ride them down πŸ™‚

on this day, we chose to run up and down the hill, in a exercise that ding-dong daddy (thats me apparently) calls energy extraction No 5. It involves them (chaos and tickles) running up the hill then down to be caught by me and thrown up into the air (that part is called damaging ding-dong daddys back, but as you know we do anything for our kids πŸ™‚ ). and for some multitasking talent I even took a few photos during the process πŸ™‚

Park Couple

careful, that kinda snuggling leads to other things πŸ™‚

you really have to view this large, you just cannot appreciate the expansive vista from just a thumbnail, plus, you need to zoom into really see what this couple are up to πŸ˜‰

5 landscape images stitched together to give the panorama, noting that nothing else was cloned out, all pure timing to get only those two in the shot πŸ™‚

Taking on a slightly different processing and feel for this one i really wanted to let the texture and shape of teh sky talk rather than bold colours.

D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 @ 70mm Aperture: f5 and Shutter Speed: 1/160s
ISO 100
Out front – nada