The Knight and the Swamp

The Knight and the Swamp

The swamp gurgled and

popped the birds swooped

and cried, “Knight beware ! “

Sir Handsome Knight sang

of his adventures with song.

He laughed at the birds.

Loyal his horse took note of

the birds of the air they see

everywhere. Loyal stopped.

Sir Handsome Knight did

not. He fell headlong into

the swamp !

Sir Handsome Knight was

angry, he cursed and swore

at loyal his horse strong and

brave. Loyal was hurt and

walked away.

A rose grew near by and

said with a plan to rescue the

unfortunate man, “Why not

take me to Fair Maid who

Sir Handsome Knight

serenades you will find her

in the glade?”

To Loyal’s nostrils the

wisdom of Rose was sweet,

accepted what Rose had

proposed. “Be careful,”

Rose said, “I have sharp

Barbs, which may wound

and tear many have bled so

please take good care.”

Carefully the Barbs lay flat

Loyal snipped with his jaw,

not a drop of blood was

shed. Loyal and Rose

galloped away over meadow

and glen they took no time

to reach Fair Maid.

Fair Maid was in the lush

green grass with a flower in

hand plucking petals

wondering the love of her

man. Fair Maid in alarm saw

Loyal without her hearts’


Fairmaid, Loyal and Rose

galloped away over meadow

and glen only to arrive at the

swamps edge to find Sir

Handsome Knight sinking

deeper in slime.

Sir Handsome Knight said,

“Please, mind not the stench

and decay.” Without further

ado Fair Maid brought a

strong stout branch to the

rescue of Sir Handsome

Knight from the swamps

slipping grasp.

At last Sir Handsome Knight

stood before Fair Maid with

Rose in hand with Loyal his


Sir Handsome Knight said,

“Oh good horse I thought

you had left me for dead but

instead you found my Fair

Maid who saved me today.

Neil Andrew Granger

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