The world underneath

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What I love about sunrise is that you are never gonna know were the colour is gonna turn up (if at all) and when it does, all you can do is just make do with what angle, POV, or feature you can. I would have loved to be in another position to take more advantage of the sweet colours, but alas, this sliver of Sydney Harbour has to suffice.

+Visit NSW
+SilhouetteSaturday curated by +Naila Ziani
+Sunset Saturday curated by +Dennis Hoffbuhr
+Beach Sunday curated by +Ross Campbell
+Dawn On Sunday curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +linda stokes
+Sky Sunday – Photography Theme curated by +Patrick Scherkenbach and +Randy Scherkenbach
+Sunday Sublte Landscapes curated by +Steve Sieren
+Zen Sunday curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström , +Nathan Wirth and +Simon Davis-Oakley
+10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER
+AllThingsOrange curated by +Nina Piccoli , +Kenneth Williams and +Lauren Kelly
+AllThingsRed curated by +Lucille Galleli and +Stephen Thackeray
+HQSP Natural Other curated by +Valesa Diamontes, +Vincent Dale and +Ali Sadreddini

+PixelWorld curated by +Alberto Carreras
+* curated by +Brian Dukes
+YisforYellow curated by +Lucille Galleli

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