As i watch all the posts and comments about facebook now ‘blocking’ various accounts and/or posts that are deemed news content in response to our governments current bill (which is not law yet) I can’t help but point out that you should not trust facebook. They do not have your interest at heart, you are a customer and they have a product and the commodity is data/ads, whether its yours or being delivered to you. Your friendships, your connections, your family, are nothing but links, data and customers.

Those who were on google plus probably still remember the sting when they pretty much pulled the pin on their social media network (which was pretty good imo) and turned it into a enterprise only social media network basically deleting user accounts.

The old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and this is a classic example, a lack of social media network competition has created this and here we are with a single entity for which our government and various bodies relies on (thankfully not the only channel) to deliver information and engage with society.
I feel for those small community pages and publications that rely solely on a facebook audience which has now been decimated in a algorithm change – note this also demonstrates how easy it is for facebook to moderate/manipulate content, don’t every believe its too hard to filter out certain crap 🙂
Hopefully, like alot of businesses in 2020, these affected business/organisations can ‘pivot’ and deliver their content thru alternate means maybe also ensure some redundant channels for the future too 🙂
Here’s a picture of Leura Forest..
#kasefilters magnetic CPL, 8 shot panorama (each bracketed) @ f13 6s (and 1.6s) at 16mm

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