So chaos says to me, 'gee i am lucky to have you as a dad' to which i say 'yeah whys that?'
'cause your so tall and you give me piggy backs'

anyone know a good chiro ? ;)

I have seen Vivid a few times now and the crowds are probably the worse part of it for me, however the joy a seven year old gets for seeing it for the first time (yes I know she saw it last year but thats like a million years ago in a kids mind) makes the crowds bearable :)

I did not even make any smart-ass comments about the $9 hotdog (faarkk!!!… ) and yes we did bring our own food as well

In Album 29/05/2017

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7 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. Appreciation as a function of vertical height! That's a new one for me, but being just a tiny little woman I guess that is something I am never destined to hear!

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