Wings over Illawarra this weekend

Gonna be there with a south coast sunrise session as a primer.

Wings Over Illawarra 2013 | Sunday 5th May | Illawarra Regional Airport
Wings Over Illawarra 13 will be held on Sunday 5 May 2013 at Illawarra Regional Airport celebrating Naval Aviation. Showcasing Airplanes, Vintage Cars and Bikes.

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11 thoughts on “Wings over Illawarra this weekend

  1. line up is as good as Temora and if you like old stuff, heaps better than Avalon.

    Draft program

    1100 Red Berets
    1105 Matt Hall
    1115 Connie
    1130 Roulette
    1145 Hudson
    1155 C47
    1205 Carib
    1215 Tiger, Dro
    1230 Aerial Patrol Supply Drop Demo
    1242 Wayne Maxwell – Motor Cycle Demo
    1252 Stearman Aerobatics
    1300 T-6 Texan
    1308 P51 Mustang
    1316 L39
    1324 Jet P
    1332 Meteor
    1340 Hawk Fa
    1355 Catalina
    1410 Navy Squirrels
    1425 Red Berets
    1430 Skydive Dem
    1435 Matt Hall
    1445 Roulettes

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