In this enchanted moment

You offer to me this part

Of you when in nuptial bliss

You took your first kiss

Your inner beauty shone

In rays about your face.


Still you give unconsciously

A gift time will never fade,

Lady your glow.

Neil Andrew Granger

Let it Go

Let it go,

Don’t hold the

Hurt any longer.

Release it and

Your heart will.

Grow stronger

If your mind wonders

Over the dry land of

Parched dreams, receive the

Rain that healing brings.


What is bottled up

Within you release;

Your true friends are

Waiting to bring succour

And relief as gifts of

Their love for you.


Neil Andrew Granger



The bleak night

Followed by the day.

Although you feel it

Helpless try to continue on.


Let hope stay by

Your side so close

It becomes the air

You breathe.


Do not become

Suffocated by despondency,

Grey skies will turn blue

The sun will follow the rain.

Neil Andrew Granger



When I feel low

There is only way

To go and that is up.

Through dirt

And grime I climb

And find myself

On a mountain side,

Looking up.

That is how I wish

My life to be,

Always thinking up.

Neil Andrew Granger

Gracious Giver

Gracious Giver

Soul of generosity

Your spirit gives

From the wealth

Within your heart.

A storehouse full

Of finest motives

Priceless as the

Rare works of art.


From this well inside

Your being a spring

Overflows watering the

Tender plants that grow

Up beside you they know

Of your compassion

And the great giver also.

Neil Andrew Granger



A golden flower on a tree

A lamp of peace

And serenity, for a moment

I stand in awe while its

Perfect beauty teachers me.

I need not reach dazzling

Heights or touch the sky in

Starry flight. All there is for

Me to do is let my beauty

Reach from me to you.

Neil Andrew Granger

Firefly Dream

Firefly Dream

Oh! Little lights you fly by

Night hold me close and

Make it right. With your

Angel wings abuzz light my

Way through all this fuzz.


Oh, little fireflies of mystery

with winks and dashes of

integrity let my life with

mentors be always there to

inspire me. I in passion shall

live my life guided by Your



Neil Andrew Granger



Baby wrapped in

Swaddling clothes

Soft innocence

Embalmed in love.


We are the ones

Who brought

You here to this

Fallen paradise above.


Gradually you

Shall blossom

Into what you

May become.


As sure as rain

Falls to the earth

Opening up new

Fern fronds.


Thoughts of ecstasy

Our constant delight,

When you were first

Felt in our bodies

The wonderful night.


Our gift, given

To us from loves

Storehouse within;

You have given us

Yourself something

More beautiful than

Material things.


Neil Andrew Granger

Little Things

Little Things

Just a heart beat away

Your hand touches mine.

In a crazy mixed up world

You make my eyes shine.


When you have been a heart

Beat away you have guided

Me through, Those times I

Am hurting just in the little

Things you do.

Neil Andrew Granger