Adelina Falls -Lawson

So once again, its a friday night and one hands rocking the tickles to sleep which means it must be time for some more image processing, I mean, really what else can i do 😉

I took several images from Adelina Falls in Lawson and I spent quite some time walking around the falls (which incidentally are not very large) to try and find that sweet composition. I even got up around the trees off to the right of this frame to try and encapsulate the entirety of the falls, however it was not to be and as such I opted to chop off the upper part of the falls and work with the lower part at a particular angle where the light created a glow over the veil of water coming down.

This image was a series of vertical portrait orientation shots stitched together, i did actually end up cropping pretty heavily to achieve the composition I wanted, however given the large number of frames this was not a problem (from a resolution POV anyway).

I have been saving this one up trying to work out the best way to process it and capture the rocks on the left and the delicate water flow. A interesting side note, here is another good example of the polariser in action, not so much in a positive sense though. The ferns on the left are nicely 'polarised' and the reflected light removed, however the ferns on the right are not and as such come across more white and washed out..

Techie data:
D7000 with Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @ 11mm- Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 8s, 1.5s & 30s
out front -Hoya screw in circular polariser and neutral density filter (3 stops).

I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and always appreciate the time people take to have a look, plus and/or comment.