What has 10 boobs, a chicken bum and recently found its mate wearing a belt of f

What has 10 boobs, a chicken bum and recently found its mate wearing a belt of fish?

nope this is not a crazy dad fun pun, for real life

#skywhale with #skywhalepapa

I still dunno what they really are but it does look pretty mad and the engineering behind it has gotta be interesting

Here’s some fun facts I found on the Skywhales wikipedia page

“Skywhale’s length and her pendulous breasts make her more difficult to land “

Thats a pilot politely say it flys like a bucket of s%$t but damn its good to look at

“Australian Capital Territory’s government invited five specialist balloon manufacturers to submit proposals to construct The Skywhale, but the Bristol-based company Cameron Balloons was the only one to provide a bid.”

I can just imagine this coming across a engineers desk and them slowly backing away i think there is a key reason why its limited to 100 flights pendulous boobies make for working out fatigue stresses somewhat difficult ..

Curracurrang Cove

Β First time for me… but upon some further research, seems the local aborigines have been coming here for at least 7500 years..
I can see why, its a natural water source, it has some really cool large overhanging rocks which provide natural shelters and its protected from wild weather. It is considered that this place was a major campsite for the Dharawal people when travelling up and down the coast. The coast track was probably a local aboriginal route before we turned it into the ‘Coastal Track’.



Curracurrang Gully

I found this unmarked track leading off the main coastal walk and had a quick squiz, got half way up and thought yeah nothing interesting here and turned around. I was kinda suprised to see this this young bloke coming up the same path and he asked how the falls looked… i was like ..’dunno, what falls’?
Needless to say he thought it was worthwhile to keep going so I checked it out.
Not a bad spot and it was really pumping with all the rain, i’ll have to check this one out again later…

4 shot panorama
24mm, f16 ISO 50 @ 15 secs.
Magnetic CPL and ND8

Its a bit wet out there.

Much more manageable conditions this time, less wind and only a torrential downpour every hours or so…

Here’s a great pun : Why are oceans so meticulous? They like to be pacific

5 shot panorama image/
24mm, f18 ISO 50 @ 4 secs.
With #kasefilters, pacifically the #magneticcpl with the #magneticnd – these are great for this kinda stuff, with the 24-70mm lens hood the front element stays nice and dry and its heaps easy to get those filters on and off.

Terrace Falls walk – I have been here a few times over the years, but this time

Terrace Falls walk – I have been here a few times over the years, but this time went a different way (for me anyways), i went down Valley road and walked upstream to Terrace falls, lots of nice little spots like Beford Pool and other unnamed little rivulets and cascades.
This one is a more of a familiar place to many, its a very photogenic little falls that has, until recently had a big tree in it, some big floods sorted that out and moved it downstream a bit, leaving a nice clear ‘ Salote Falls’
3 shot panorama, taken with the 24-70mm and #kasefilters #magneticcpl f10 @ 10sec.
The really cool thing about the magnetic circular filters by #kasefilters is that you can have multiple adapter rings, one for each lens which means swapping lens and consequently swapping the CPL between the lens is a breeze. (you could have multiple CPL filters.. but hey, we are not all made of money πŸ™‚
I have heard some comments about the filters falling off, however i think your gonna have to drop you camera for them to fall off, in which you have bigger fish to fry than a CPL filter coming off πŸ™‚Β  I often just lug my camera and tripod around without the lens cap, so far i have had no issues with the filter coming off..





Β The last smidge of light poking out from under the clouds at the end of a 40 degree day, the clouds and cool change made it a nice place to sit.. and one of the few places in sydney on Australia day not swamped with people

30sec exposure with the #kasefilters wolverine 0.9 grad and CPL – covered in sea spray

Headland – Boora Point



The Brothers…

Adapted from Harry Buchanan (1975)

“There were 3 brothers who lived near the Camden Haven River near the sea. As part of their initiation, they were required to live alone in the bush for several months before they would be recognised as fully initiated. After being in the bush for several months they began to worry about their mother and father, so the youngest brother volunteered to go and check up on them. Just as he left the camp he saw an old witch but paid her no attention. He told his parents about her when he reached them, and his father gave him a special boomerang, and told him to quickly return to his brother’s camp to warn them that the witch would try to kill them. The youngest brother headed back to his brother’s camp but did not make it there by night fall, at first light he continued his journey but the witch was at the camp when he arrived. He asked the witch what she had done to his two brothers, and she replied that she had eaten them and would eat him too. Before the witch had a chance to do anything, the youngest brother hit her on the head with the boomerang and split her in half. He buried half her body in the river and half in the sea. Then returned to his brother’s camp and gathered up their bones. He buried their bones where the North and Middle Brother mountains now stand, then went to where the South Brother mountain now stands and died. That night a mountain rose up where each body lay to mark the tragedy. The mountains were then named after the Three Brothers.”

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Stop pretending this nightmare will abruptly stop with the arbitrary changing of

Stop pretending this nightmare will abruptly stop with the arbitrary changing of the calendar year.
Werner Herzog

A cool quote i found on Maryam Laura Moazedi post which I think is very fitting.

I gotta say they should have just cancelled the fireworks this year, pretty dismal display when compared to previous years and of course all it really did was encourage people to go out.

These couple are from my local park which a small glimpse of the fireworks and the sydney skyline, whilst raining. Taken with with some good friends from the fuzz, a bunch of drunk young people and some wanker flying a drone around (noting the fact this park is under the flight path no wonder we as a society need to apply draconian rules, humans and common sense just do not seem compatible..

Just testing out the new skate park, we available for consulting anytimes ya kno

Just testing out the new skate park, we available for consulting anytimes ya know we can evaluate surface finish, accessibility and fun factors..
On a little side note, can say that the City of sydney’s tender portal is rubbish, i should be able to search and see what tenders have been awarded in the space of 3 clicks..

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Kingfisher Pool – Heathcote

Sarah Joy found a nice walk in a less busy park of Sydney, it did involve a fairly steep descent and ascent which the kids nailed better than the adults, including the 3 year old, she pretty well walked 75% of the 1.6km each way trip… which is kinda lucky since my shoulders would have struggled otherwise.

Its a nice walk with some good shade which is nice when its really hot, lots to see on the way in and out and the actual pool is pretty good – if your looking for an accessible short day hike, Kingfisher pool is a good choice.


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85mm f1.4

This lens is by far my favourite, it clears the mess in the house, hides the chipped and peeling paint, the texta on the wall and even reduces the other two wild chops (aka sisters) to a manageable soft bokeh blur

If your not familiar with photography or camera stuff then thats gonna sounds alien to you probably but, just think of the Nikon 85mm f1.4 like the device that makes the backgrounds so nice and smooth. Which, as a point of interest, alot of mobile phones do now, however its software, not hardware and it often looks crap

Here is little E doing what she does best, look darn cute Thanks to middle sisters for the hair highlights

The 3 Sisters

ha, i made them stop here and look at the 3 sisters just to get this cheesy photo
The new lookout platform and walk way is good I reckon, lots of people seem to be dissing it but it works well and opens the place up a bit more and seems to be more accessible…