Galaxy Navigation

Galaxy Navigation – there’s a few stars out there. If you were piloting your boat out of the breakwater that evening the milkyway would have lined you up nicely to guide you thru the channel.
10 images @ 20mm stitched together

Starry Pandanus

6 images @ 20mm f1.6 iso 200 and 15 sec.

I learnt from my last image with this lens, lower frame focused on the ferny bush in the foreground, then the remaining frames at the pandanus at F1.6, a little more dof.

Be like the Pandanus… a good listener who knows when to be quiet Starry Pandanus

Starry Boats

Starry Boats

Starry Boats

– I think if more people went outside and stared at the stars for a while the world would be a better place. Remember, your just a collection molecules floating thru space and one day they will be returned.. lifes too short to argue with dicks on the internet..(but sure as hell its fun )