Sneaky, spidery, Sunday Sunrise Sessions

Squeezed in between a golf course, a pistol range, a cemetery and a so called national park is this little gulley which I had seen many times when browsing the google maps, I have frequented the areas north (Little Bay) of this and also south (Cruwee Bay) however never quite made it to this place, whilst not terribly inspiring the clouds and sunrise did give it some interest.

Rod and I did a fine battle with the local spider population from which we were quite victorious, ie no spiders on faces 😉 there were a few close calls 😉 It is really only a short walk in and we did not even notice the cemetery in dark, however i suspect the attention was more concentrated on the spidery fiends, its funny how the walk into a location in blackness can seem much further than that on the way out. I had actually visited this area just the day before with both Chaos and Mayhem for a bushwalk and driving past this spot we saw a red belly black snake slithering across the road – it has certainly been a season of snakes for me 😉

This spot is classic Sydney coast cliffs, much like what you find at Kurnell and even some of the eastern suburb cliff line, the rich green mixed with the sandstone can really shine in the right conditions, particularly when the golden light of the sun rising meets it.

Exif love:
4 landscape orientation shots stitched together.
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/20 and Shutter Speed: 3s
ISO 100
out front – Lee Graduated Filter (0.9x) and Hoya CPL…. rockage, greenery and a cool sun poking over the clouds.

Life on the Edge

a pastel window into the world below and the world up on the cliffs
View large or go home 😉
The pod of whales (and the elusive seals which I only heard but never saw) did not hang around to complete the panoramic scene 😉

Just about every time I have visited Kurnell and and walked along these cliffs I have spotted a whale or two, maybe its just that I only come here in the winter months 🙂 nonetheless, if you are in sydney, Kurnell is a great spot to whale watch, not only is the actual clifftop scenery awesome the whales typically come quite close to the cliffs, as they did this morning, close enough that I could hear there blow holes going, rest assured its along way down too.

Still in the forefront of my mind was the French guy (Fabien Ardoin)
who fell to his death a few weeks back whilst taking a photo in the Royal National Park (south of here), always a timely reminder to take care near heights, particularly the very crumbly sandstone that Sydney is built on. RIP buddy.

3 frame (non-bracketed) panorama 🙂
D7000 with Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @ 17mm- Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 6 seconds
out front – LEE 0.9 Graduated filter and Screw in HOYA circular polariser

I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and always appreciate the time people take to have a look, plus and/or comment.

Nature vs city

Predawn swirls on the cliffs of Malabar – the under rated location in Sydney. Maroubra in the distance.

Thanks to +Rodney Campbell for the company and being a spider web removalist.

+Suren J buy yourself a real camera and I'll see you next time 😉 This was a trip down memory lane from the DSLRusers session with the ray-man. Btw, no wet feet and no (or very little ) mud

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