Cows with mist

view large and find that cow 😉

I had just emerged from some pretty thick forest on a very wet and muddy road, i had not passed another car for the last half an hour but was instead greeted by a bunch of dairy cows across the way. It really was quite a away 🙂 this shot was taken with the 300mm lens and consisted of about 16 portrait orientation shots, it was cropped pretty heavily from there but still is pretty enormous, the fog made it quite challenging to achieve a good autofocus and the pressure was on since the rain was getting pretty heavy.

Due to the rain I took only one set of images for this scene and jumped back in the car and almost got bogged since I had pulled over into a pretty soft edge. Thankfully the old falcon did not let me down, with mud flying and wheels spinning and a fist in the air I gave those cows a farewell 😉 well they really did not care i guess…but makes for a better story 😉

Exif/setup love:
16 portrait orientation images stitched and cropped
D750 coupled with 300mm f4 @ 300mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/640s
ISO 250
Out the front, mist, mud, cows and rolling hills


Gorillas trees in the mist

Some days it feels like there are monsters hiding in the shadows just waiting to pounce

On a lonely drive across the hills of Comboyne , through many muddy roads and intermittent rains showers I noticed this small tree perched on the hill. It looked so vulnerable sitting there almost encased in the fog with the large trees looming behind, seemingly wanting to take its place on the ridge.

Only moments after taking the picture(s) the ridge and tree disappeared and the rain caught up with me…

This image is a panoramic image made from 3 frames, something I learnt with this image and scene was that when +Adobe Photoshop (or i guess any other stitching software) attempts to stitch the and blend the frames its does a good job except it never quite gets the blending right in that pea-soup grey area and results in banding, not particularly evident until contrast is added. It kind of makes sense , blending a gradients would be quite tricky. Thus a future note – I am not sure how to avoid it, but in teh post processing one thing that minimises the telltale signs of it is to locally reduce the clarity or midtone contrast in the banding area.

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 300mm f4 @ 300mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/500s
ISO 250
out front – a ridge, a farm, a tree and some fog 🙂