The scene of progress in Botany Bay Sydney, NSW.
Now these gantry thingy's are really cool and make for some sweet photo subjects, whilst dropping past the new container terminal one evening I thought to stop and take a quick snap or two. After setting up on the pedestrian/cycleway overpass I had a visit from some friendly security guards who informed me that it cool to take photos of the new container terminal, but not the old one (left of frame), given that i really don't need ASIO checking up on my ass I said sweet as bro, no probs, i'll just point this way 🙂 and we all went on our merry ways. But it did get me thinking, why the old terminal? maybe its the millions of litres of fuel there? maybe they think people taking photos might be plotting some drug smuggling racket? In all seriousness I guess its fine to say you can't take photos of key industrial sites but only part thereof… confused.

Well, anyways, the sunset was not much to look at but there was a neat storm coming through on the left, if only I had more time 🙂