Death Defying Sheep

Apparently the Scots reintroduced the native huge Sea Eagle to the Isle of Skye, the same species as is found in Norway apparently, however they now occasionally grab a lamp of two each season – if this occurs, apparently the farmers are re-reimbursed for the cost of the lamb ?!!

They are worried about a few lambs missing from an endangered eagle, but not concerned with them falling off cliffs ? 🙂 and they gotta fall off these cliffs, this sheep and its lamb were right on the edge, basically if that lamb stepped backwards it was off the cliff and seal food – this was the closest (to the edge not the sheep 🙂 ) that i was game to get to 🙂

All those little white specks up there on the da grass… they are sheep too – thats Neist Lighthouse over there too btw 🙂 very cool one at that.