The full circle

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Whilst hiking into the Royal National Park at some ungodly hour I had plenty of time to think, in particular I spent alot of time thinking about what I enjoy about photography and why I have continued to do it. I started photography when we used to do lots of bushwalks and it (photography) was just a supplement to the actual walk, over the years it has kinda swung all the way around, I now do locations for photography sessions 🙂 . Today was different, the walk and the location was much more oriented around my old ways, just heading out for a walk to see another piece of awesome aussie landscape. Admittingly, it was timed for sunrise and in the past I would not be doing it in the dark, but hey, the best part of the day is sunrise right ;).
Anyway, I can't remember the last time I treked nearly 10kms just to take a bunch of photos, what awesome spot hopefully more of them – Curacurrong Falls and the Curra Moors Trails.