A conveniently placed cloud at sunset on the dunes of Stockton beach made for which my daughter now refers to as the fairyfloss picture 😉

Single frame
D7000 with Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @ 11mm- Aperture: f/13 and Shutter Speed: 1/3 seconds
out front – LEE graduated filter 0.9

As always, I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed.

Death by a slow moving sand invasion

much like what is probably gonna happen to my camera and lens 🙂
Sand, not so glorious sand.. and camera stuff, just just don't mix very well. Nonetheless, out at Stockton there are some wonderful spots where you can venture into the dunes and find many interesting compositions and subject matter. +Suren J and +Rodney Campbell joined me in search of a long lost tree perched on the side of dune which I spotted several months ago whilst flying over the dunes. Whilst a 4wd would be handy and probably much quicker, it was good to walk in, sometimes limiting oneself can help achieve the best in a location and photography session.

This shot was taken only a few hundred metres from the tree, which is fairly distinct, (more images of this later), the rain was just setting in here and it was a mad dash for cover after it was completed.

Single frame- even at 3 seconds the clouds do have some motion blur which conveys the speed at which teh clouds were moving in.
D7000 with Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @ 11mm- Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 3 seconds
out front – absolutely nothing but fresh air and plenty of sand.