Curracurrang Cove

Β First time for me… but upon some further research, seems the local aborigines have been coming here for at least 7500 years..
I can see why, its a natural water source, it has some really cool large overhanging rocks which provide natural shelters and its protected from wild weather. It is considered that this place was a major campsite for the Dharawal people when travelling up and down the coast. The coast track was probably a local aboriginal route before we turned it into the ‘Coastal Track’.




Makes you feel old when your kids are telling you to hurry up…
Centennial glen, a favourite little waterfall of mine, out of the way and very few people visit it, the location is more popular with the rock-climbing crowd where there is a nice overhand wall which seems to tick all the boxes and always seems to have someone hanging off it:) .

Its also only a short walk which meant its suitable for all three of these crazy chops, anyone who has been to this spot will appreciate the fact its not made for those of us with a larger stature, these little ones could not figure out why it was so hard for me as I’m bent over double crawling along the tiny rock ledge to get to the head of the creek and waterfall. If anyone was gonna fall in teh drink it would have been me

Sometimes you need to look back to see the path forward.

although I suspect sometimes it’s better to blindly forge ahead for the journey behind can tear you down.

Apparently I should update my photoshop version to get all this new fangled sky replacement wizardry which is causing the photographic world to get their nickers in a knot

for the record, no skies replaced here.. these were real and dumped a bunch of rain on us


you know that little bit of skin near the calcaneofibular ligament – thats the fancy name for the ligament just below the boney bit of your ankle.. it hurts like crap after a leech has been sucking on it for a couple of hours.. moreso the day after….damn leeches and their ability to get into your socks and boots.


Muna Badawi Strasser nominated me for 10 travel photos in 10 days, i’ll probably struggle for 10, and i reckon a explanation is ok so here goes.

This scene sums up Norway for me, the 2nd day there from a 12 day road trip in a Skoda octavia wagon, the only other image that is quintessential norway would have a road tunnel in it

The scale of the hills in Norway are second to none and this image nails it for me…