Wet Feet

There comes a time when you stop dancing over the puddles and minimizing how wet your feet are and simply accept the fact that you are gonna have wet feet, wet shoes and wet socks.

Deep in the jungle of frenchs creek..


(Frenchies version)
get a load of this one full screen and find those leeches

Well, its the aussie version aways, Tvindefossen, which i am pretty sure means twin falls is midly epic waterfall in Voss, Norway – yep where the sparkling mineral water comes from – not 🙂 its actually comes from much further south in Norway, but clearly "Voss" said with the appropriate deep Norwegian accent sound a crapload better than the boring spot where the extraction and bottling plant is 🙂

Anyways, this set of falls in Sydney, with its distinct set of two falls reminded me…a tiny bit.. of Voss, also the home of extreme sports, thats another story for another day.

This is the second cascade in the water falls in Belrose on Frenchs creek, where the water quality is.. well a small step above first stage sewerage treatment level, it smelt bad, it mostly looked bad and somehow still, the leeches survive 🙁 I am gonna name these leeches the crotch searching leeches from hell. I am not overly perturbed by leeches, however these ones seemed to get on your legs and with their gaily little wobble make beeline for higher ground 🙁 much rather they just hang about the ankle and suck some blood …

This image is a bunch of vertical shots stitched into a panorama, the conditions where good, overcast, plenty of water and the company (Rodney Campbell) was bearable 😉 plus its better if someone can be there to at least listen to the continued stream of profanities about finding yet another leech.