Holiday to the North Coast

Well, just finished a nice Easter weekend away, took an additional day of work to make it that litlle bit longer…and to avoid the tourist traffic pain!! Sarah and I went up to Evans head an Tween heads for the long weekend, mainly to visit sar’s family.

Started the drive on the thursday night to get an early start on the traffic, made it Newcastle and stayed with one of sar’s mates, Newcastle is not so bad…..seems relatively cheap place to live which is not a bad thing….got off eraly on the friday morning and drove all the way to Ecans Head with several stops along the way…Kendall, some little place near coffs, and somewhere else along the way..:)…whole trip used 1 tank of fuel in the mighty falcon…775km..not to bad.

Spent the night in Evans Head and then headed up to Tweed heads, went to the beach of course and aslo checked out the Thursday Plantation (Teat Tree oil mainly), stopped at Crystal Castle and picked sar up a little pressies…a nice ring and necklace…Stayed in Tweed for the night and went for a short bush walk at Border Ranges National Park…(Mental note….go back there it is very nice!!) followed up the day with family stuff…

Back to evans head for some more holidaying and then back to sydney on the tuesday..traffic was fine no major dramas….holiday was fine although a camera would have been nice….

and as always holiday not long enough….