Colours splashed from east to west
Crisp air tingling my skin.
This is the time I love the best
Spending time with him.
He becons me into his arms of rest
To stay through the nights long hours
He helped me pass the days severe test
As I count the blessings he Showers.
Tis the sunset so sweet it is
As nature’s syphoney swells
As I consider A new how
wonderfully I am blest
On this gold and red sunset.


Neil Granger

Inner voice

Inner voice


Go easy on me
I am fragile and weak
The road has been long
And the goal I seek
Alludes me as a mirage
Or highest peak
Go easy on me
When you speak


Neil Andrew Granger



A golden flower on a tree

A lamp of peace

And serenity, for a moment

I stand in awe while its

Perfect beauty teachers me.

I need not reach dazzling

Heights or touch the sky in

Starry flight. All there is for

Me to do is let my beauty

Reach from me to you.

Neil Andrew Granger

True Calling

True Calling

This moment


When in doubt

Reminisce on it.


The higher purpose

Exists above fleeting

Feelings which ebb

And, flow.


Those around you

Know when upon

Your face it glows.


Neil Andrew Granger



The spring time of

Our love has turned

Into the summer

Of our joy.


There is warmth

Still to feel

In the beauty

Of a falling leaf

As the laughter

Lines appear.


In the gift of love

For all the seasons

Each and every year.

Neil Andrew Granger




Hold no more

The pain within

Let it go.


Release the stones

Intent to hurl,

Don’t keep them

Let them fall.


Burn the ledger

Of past wrongs

Place the ashes

In an urn;

Bury them


Deep within,

The sacred place

Of a healing heart.


Neil Andrew Granger



Talk to me

Of this day

How good it feels

To be free from



Speak to me

Of the hope

The future has

While we live

Our dreams


Neil Andrew Granger

Inner beauty

Inner beauty

You need to

Be going at

A snail’s pace

To discover how

Beautiful 1 am.

You may see

Me driving a

Fast car or

Travelling by tram.

It’s not my

Exterior but my

Heart, which beats

Faster whenever you

Hold my hand.

This is what

Defines me for

Who I am.

Neil Andrew Granger




Girl when you

Wear your halo

As a necklace

It glitters and shines

Highlighting your face.

When you wear

Your halo for stilettos

You grow taller

Walking with grace

In every place.

I love it

When you bend

Your halo into a hop

Which twirls round

Your waist,

You’re the delight

Of my eyes

You’re my, favourite


You’re clothed in light

Whichever way

You wear it

By just being you.


Neil Andrew Granger




You’re my sanctuary


When I’m weak.


You’re my temple


When you speak.


You encourage me


With your smile.


Neil Andrew Granger

A Mother’s delight

A Mother’s delight

A mother’s creation

Is her celebration.

Her joy is boundless

On your graduation.


In each school

You have

Attended to this,

Never a call

Has gone amiss.


How true it is

That mothers

Hunger for news

Even of those

Courses we need

To redo.


Neil Andrew Granger

Gracious Giver

Gracious Giver


Soul of generosity

Your Spirit gives

From the wealth

Within your heart.

A storehouse full

Of finest motives,

Priceless as the

Rare works of art.

From this well

Inside your being

A spring overflows.

Watering the tender

Plants that grow

Up beside you

They know of

Your compassion

And the great

GIVER also.

Neil Andrew Granger

Clean slate

Clean slate

When we give

Each other a

Clean slate mate,

We release ourselves

Of hate, bitterness

And regret.

We have the time

To embrace and

T’alk face to face

And share dreams

Which begin when we

Wipe our slates clean.


Neil Andrew Granger