Opera on fire

I think this is a much cleaner and dare i say it, more natural rendition of the Opera house when compared to the last shot from around in the little bay. This one was taken from just near the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge just as the horizon lit up like a aussie bushfire.

The other sight, just off camera was much more amusing – once the colour developed, all the photographers, of which there was quite a number, rushed madly to adjusting grad filters, modify compositions and nail the moments of glory. There have been some great images come out of this session from them also!

The Opaque World

Its like a mesmerizing blurry mirror that you can't tear your eyes away from, each second the shape, colour and contrast change as the light refracts through the ebbing water.

The light was fading very fast and the colour disappearing just as quick, i could see the campfire ablaze in the distance and a clinking of beer bottles was calling. Rather than wait the 2 minutes at f/16 for the bright exposure i took 3 frames at different apertures all at 30 seconds as a means to expedite my parched throat to the waiting beer. Said goodbye to the shy crabs and took another single frame before trekking back to the pinpoint of light that was our campsite.

Similarly to the last image, I processed it in Nik HDR efex pro2 using pretty much the same custom preset, now dubbed 'gerry's dark one' then finished off in my usual process.

I love reading the comments that people leave and I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed!

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