+Red Nomad's recent image of the view across the flooded Ord river at Kununurra sparked a memory of the time when myself and my partner travelled up the Gibb River road from Broome… back when we were foot loose and fancy free.. ie no kids 🙂

Anyway, back in the day i had this sony point and shoot camera which I took with me – even then in my pretty naive and ignorant photographic state I saw this scene and relised how beautiful it was, as such pretty easy to take a nice shot – I am not quite sure what on earth the composition was about – i looked at it tonight and then forehead slapped myself at all the other possibilities I could have had if I knew what I know now.. then.. make sense? nope.. don't worry 🙂

Here it is and thanks again to +Red Nomad for the memories.
Exif love:
Sony DSC-V3
@ 15.3mm Aperture: f/4 and Shutter Speed: 1/100s
out front – the mighty Ord river!