I think image processing is a real two sided journey, whilst a necessity for anyone who takes images in raw format, makes panos, blending etc I feel the more I know the harder it has become! The more techniques I learn (which is actually not that many) the more it seems to take away from the actual image taking and the more time is spent perfecting the image. Looking at some of my recent files and I noticed a trend in files names typically ending with edit1-edit2-final-edit-final-final-edit 😉 ahhh I remember the days of shooting in jpeg on a sony PS and in hindsight they seem to be better images 🙂

Anyways, this image I have learnt a few new techniques, one of which is the Orton effect, i musta been under a rock not to know what that is – for those uneducated folk 😉 it was coined by a chap named Michael Orton back in the film days and was achieved by taking a couple of different frames each with different exposure and focus, one frame was actually way out of focus, this was then exposed with a sharp version to create a type of soft glow, known as the Orton effect. There are a few presets in common image manipulation programs which now replicate it, one that comes to mind is called glamour glow which does a similar thing, however I have tweaked this with the original technique in mind.

So here with have it, edit1-edit2-edit12-edit-final 😉

Its a blend of 3 frames with the orton effect used 🙂