Herbusta, Isle of Skye

We stopped at the Museum of Skye which is a collection of original style buildings each set out as it would have been back in the day, it was actually a very cool place and the entry fee to get in very very reasonable – this is important when travelling with kids, since you may only stay for a very short time, we ditched a few castles since its not worth shelling out 50 bucks just to get in and only spend 20 minutes chasing kids around 🙂

Anyway, another neat feature of this place, is that it sits up on hill off the A855 overlooking some very very cool rocks out in the ocean, there are plenty of these kinda of rocks around the isle of Skye and I really wanted get a shot of one of them, a long exposure image was what I was after, but time and kids would not permit that, hence a few long shots at 280mm stitched into a pano would do. (thanks to +Cameron Fong for the loan of the lens too, much appreciated – i whacked the 1.4x on it for this one).

Its pretty easy to see why traversing these waters by ship would be dangerous – the number of rocks like this and moreso ones which are just above/below the surface would have surely brought many a ship unsuck..

ya gotta see this full res too.

3 shot panorama, each shot in the landscape orientation
D750 coupled with Nikkor 70-200 mm f2.8 (with a 1.4x converter) @ 280mm Aperture: f8 and Shutter Speed: 1/500s
ISO: 100
out front: epic rocks in da ocean 🙂

House by the Lake

Holmane, Norway

After checking into one of our less than optimal accommodation choices (there was only two for the whole trip 🙂 so our strike rate was pretty good ). I had some time to check out google maps to see what was around, interestingly we had visited a few Glaciers on the way down to this point, all which come off the Jostedalsbreen National park area and I noticed a little back road up to a southern access point to this place, never seen any images of this place, but it was only 30 kms away so a little drive was in order.

Now, I really bang on about these Norwegians and their darn tunnels, well this little drive really galvanised it for me. This road up to Veitastrond, which is a village of less than a thousand people has 3 tunnels with a 4th being constructed, now these are not tunnels to punch thru mountains but simply to avoid having a bit of windy road on the lake 🙂 ie just cut thru the edge of the hill. We here in Oz struggle to get a freakin tunnel in our largest city to service…hundreds of thousands of people, yet here I was driving thru tunnels (each a few kms long), albeit single lane ones, to a village that has only a few hundred people… mind blowing. What was also really cool was that the tunnels had no lights and were full of fog.. very very cool 🙂

This was just one a few really nice houses sitting bit the edge of the Veitastrondavatnet .. yeah try and pronounce that 🙂

3 shot panorama, each shot in the landscape orientation
D750 coupled with Nikkor 70-200 mm f2.8 @ 82mm Aperture: f8 and Shutter Speed: 5s
ISO: 100
out front: epic house location


Beachside in Scotland

So its summer in Europe at the moment apparently, however I think our friends on that side of the equator kinda need to have a think about what that really means, we spent our last day in Edinburgh where the summer temperature was.. 13 degrees, we flew back to sydney to the heart of our winter and it was 16 degrees… 🙂

Anyways onot those beaches, yes in Oz we have some awesome beaches and we take it for granted, however we did find a place (thanks +John G Moore ) on the west coast called Morar which had sand which was an excellent excuse for a beach 🙂 truth be told it was quite nice and we (particularly the kids) were pleasantly surprised.
Anyways, i went for a stroll after chaos and tickles were asleep and checked out the surrounding area for a seascape or two, not finding much ringing my bell, i headed up into the hills to see what was there, not much either, but I did find some sheep, lots of wet boggy pastures and some other crazy nuts out trying to get a photo, hence this shot 🙂

Its a 6 shot pano, which had some nice colour in it, however I could not quite get it to represent what I saw on the day, and it seems the BW brings out the nice texture of the clouds anyway..

6 shot panorama, each shot in the landscape orientation
D750 coupled with Nikkor 70-200 mm f2.8 @ 120mm Aperture: f5 and Shutter Speed: 1/500s
ISO: 100
out front: boggy hills and some crazies :).