Real men go to vivid

…when its raining and with kids and have a picnic.

I had promised Tickles I would also take her to see the vivid lights after last time leaving her at home and only taking Chaos, so this time we prepped up with homemade hot soup in thermos's, snacks, bread and soft drink (settle people this one has got less sugar than orange juice 😉 and I needed some bargaining chips 🙂 ) and headed into battle.

So we busted our way down to Kirribilli and had a giggle at the throngs of photographers losing their lollies over the 'puddle' shot 😉 and setup for our picnic. It was pretty nice, hot soup, great view and company that pretty well refused to to let me take any pictures (i did sneak a few in tho 😉 ) – on that note, the only opportunity to get a shot of chaos and tickles where they would let me, I could not for the life of me (in the split second I had 🙁 ) remember how to adjust the flash to rear curtain sync, the last time I did that was like 4 years ago 🙂 Its very useful for using the flash to get some light on the subject but allowing the shutter to drag (ie 1 or 2 seconds), long enough to pull in some the light in the background, hence my only shot of the picnic was crap, but its a nice memory.

So about half way thru our soup tickles pipes up with 'can we go on the bridge?' ….. yeah sounded like a great idea at the time, but when the good folk 85 years ago built the harbour bridge they did not really have dudes with prams in mind, i had to carry the blasted thing loaded with stuff up 5 flights of stairs, at least the cycle side (western side of the bridge) has a little ramp in the middle… that would be like really useful on the eastern side too.
Anyways we trundled across the bridge ohh and ahhing at the lights and we even made it to the south pylon where tickles promptly fell asleep, chaos and I were like … c'mon man it was your idea! Then it rained. I guess she timed the sleep well I suppose. So back across the bridge in the pouring rain, some might say a umbrella would have been a good idea at this point.. but real men don't use umbrellas 😉 they also carry their pram and child down 5 flights of stairs 🙂 Did I mention a ramp would have been useful?
All credit to chaos tho, not a single whinge at all and even when we could not get a icecream, seriously it would have got washed away 🙂 she stoically battled on 🙂 h/t chaos.

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So chaos says to me, 'gee i am lucky to have you as a dad' to which i say 'yeah whys that?'
'cause your so tall and you give me piggy backs'

anyone know a good chiro ? 😉

I have seen Vivid a few times now and the crowds are probably the worse part of it for me, however the joy a seven year old gets for seeing it for the first time (yes I know she saw it last year but thats like a million years ago in a kids mind) makes the crowds bearable 🙂

I did not even make any smart-ass comments about the $9 hotdog (faarkk!!!… ) and yes we did bring our own food as well

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Parallel Universe

Damn street light shadows make me look like I got man boobs.. ahhh wait.. dammit…

I had to do something to amuse myself while waiting around, this light sculpture seemed fitting and also the moon phase actually changed quite regularly…

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm Aperture: f/5 and Shutter Speed: 1/6s
ISO 200
out front – some clown in a hoodie 🙂