Augusta Lighthouse

yeah..not Augusta the helichoppers eh..

Built from 1895 to 1896 the tower and cottages are built of local limestone.

The Cape Leeuwin Light was first mooted in 1881, but took 15 years to eventuate.

Disputes raged over the best site for the lighthouse. Also, until the Kalgoorlie-Coolgardie gold rushes Western Australia was the poorest State, and with no assistance from the Eastern States, it was unable to proceed with a project of this size.

Further delays occurred when it was found the the initial test bores that showed bedrock at 2.5 metres had only found a rock shelf and it was then necessary to excavate to 6.7 metres.

The original 1895 plan included two lights. The present high white light tower and in front of it, a low red light tower. Although the foundations for this low tower were completed, the structure was never built because it was considered that a second light would cause confusion and draw ships closer to the Cape.

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