Stretch is back!

dsc_7350.jpgAfter many months with no leaves, and many a discussion between myself and Nan about whether or not Stretch is indeed alive, I am pleased to report- THAT STRETCH IS BACK!

dsc_7351.jpgHe has lots of leaves and looks very healthy now. I took him to class on the 19th October to get a check-up with Tina (bonsai expert at Bonsai and Beyond). Apparently, Spring is not the time to re-pot Japanese Maples, so Stretch just got the once-over and had a guide wire inserted on the left hand side (if looking from the front aspect). This draws that branch down and keeps it there. We also added wire to give shape to the apex and the main branch on the right side. You can now see a clear triangle shape and I think his classification is now informal upright.

                               Stretch is well and truly back in business, and had a mini hair cut to prove it 🙂