Plantings get new lease on life

Wow, plantings hasn’t been updated in ages!! To bring the blog for these guys up to speed, out of the three plantings, two survived and went into little pots to continue to grow into new bonsais. After a year of healthy growth, they both needed a bit of TLC, as they had lost some of their leaves in the recent hot weather and they were also planted in not very good soil….

They have started to re-gain their leaves, but I decided they needed a re-pot to further stimulate new growth…..So I emptied out the old soil and put in new bonsai soil. I have added moss to one and small pebbles that I had on hand for the other.
These guys are going to be back bigger and better with lots of leaves, and hopefully some more branches so I can begin to shape them!

Goodbye Balls

I have been in serious denial about Ball’s health. Ever since I took him to class last year to be re-potted, its been downhill from there.

Though I faithfully watered him and hoped (almost prayed even) for new roots to take hold, it wasn’t to be and I finally plucked up the courage to pull Balls out of the pot to check for new roots.

It wasn’t too be and he had in fact probably not had some for some time. This was pretty devastating for me, since he was Lindsay’s bonsai that Poppy had given him when he died. Now that Linz has died too, I wanted Balls to survive to remember him by. But I needed to let Balls go and so this will be the last post for Balls.

My first bonsai casualty since Pop died. Goodbye Balls…..

Pear gets ready for summer

After many months of feeling the winter bulge, Pear felt the need for a bit of a spring work out before summer hits…..

Time for a re-pot, some reinvigorating new soil, re-wiring and a hair cut.

Enter new bonsai re-potting area with all the right tools and equipment, making it much easier and efficient to re-pot from home. Big call, given that I usually don’t like to do it without the watchful eye of Tina, but I need to harden up and develop confidence to do these things myself. Plus bonsai-ing is in my blood right?!

So I put a new wire in through the butterfly drain holes at the bottom to secure Pear into the pot and put some new bonsai soil in. Pear sits higher in the pot now so show off a big root that gives the illusion of age 🙂 I have put a little rock at the back to further secure Pear in the pot and to help Pear sit at the correct angle. Pear has a tough shape to work with, so I have tried to add wire and cut off a few branches to try and encourage Pear to grow in informal upright style.
Give Pear a few years and it will be interesting to see if this shape takes hold…

Stretch is back!

dsc_7350.jpgAfter many months with no leaves, and many a discussion between myself and Nan about whether or not Stretch is indeed alive, I am pleased to report- THAT STRETCH IS BACK!

dsc_7351.jpgHe has lots of leaves and looks very healthy now. I took him to class on the 19th October to get a check-up with Tina (bonsai expert at Bonsai and Beyond). Apparently, Spring is not the time to re-pot Japanese Maples, so Stretch just got the once-over and had a guide wire inserted on the left hand side (if looking from the front aspect). This draws that branch down and keeps it there. We also added wire to give shape to the apex and the main branch on the right side. You can now see a clear triangle shape and I think his classification is now informal upright.

                               Stretch is well and truly back in business, and had a mini hair cut to prove it 🙂

Re: Rocky fighting fit and ready to kick butt!

Well Rocky needed to go for his yearly check-up (June 24) with Tina and I was impressed with how well he did. He didn’t need that much shaping or wiring (bit set in his ways, after having to survive all those chance falling-out of his pot moments, traumatic tree-hood I call it)…but he did get a nice red rock added to his pot.

This raises him up a little bit, gives him some added stability and adds a little something extra to his pot. So with a nice re-pot and new rock, he’s fighting fit and ready to kick butt!

Re: Pear gets some TLC

DSC_1438.jpgWell Pear was looking a little worse for wear by the time that he made it from Kel and Rob’s to my house. He was badly in need of some TLC!

This came in the form of a re-pot with some fresh soil and a hair cut today (chopping off some branches that were dead and some leaves that had been chomped by an insect).

I have faith that he will come good over the spring and into 2008, once he’s had the chance to grow and be shaped. This will take time, so watch this space!

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Re: Bushie gets a cut and style

dsc_1267.JPGMany months ago, on a trip down to see our good mates, Kel and Rob, we got to talking about bonsai and Rob showed us two bonsais that, although well loved, needed a bit of TLC (and some expert guidance from my bonsai teacher, Tina!).

So today Bushie went off to class and went from his big green pot to a stylish blue pot (inherited from my Poppie and much loved from Japan). Tina helped to give him an informal upright shape and he looks so much better.

He’s currently having a soak and I can’t wait to see how he grows and develops in the next couple of years!!

Re: Buddha gets a check-up

DSC07258.JPGWell after the trauma of Rootie having grubs, I was a little worried that other bonsai might have the same issue. So when I noticed a little hole in Buddha’s soil, it was off to class!

But a clean bill of health was given to Buddha. Wiring came off (as it was just starting to cut in), a little bit of orange wire was added to a low-hanging branch and the OK was given to the salve that was applied in the initial re-pot (too much stretching created a little snap, but the branch is still alive and kicking!!

DSC07257.JPGSo all good with Buddha, just keep moist and out of the cold, harsh elements (cold snap currently hitting Sydney!)

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Re: oh the trauma

dsc_1195.JPGWhen I took Rootie to bonsai class for a check-up (24th June), little did I know the trauma that was awaiting both of us. Wiring from his initial re-pot was OK to come off and it was only that Tina thought he needed to move a little bit in his pot, that we discovered not one- BUT A STACK of little grubs!

Oh the trauma! A full re-pot was in order to ensure that they didn’t get to eat any more of his roots (no wonder he was loosing leaves!). I will be keeping a vigilant eye out in future!! He does need some moss but I haven’t had the chance to find any yet…..

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Re: Still alive and kickin!

DSC_1176.JPGAfter a lengthy period of worrying about whether or not Balls was going to survive (due to his lack of leaves), Balls went to bonsai class to get confirmation of whether or not he was in good health or not. Under Tina’s watchful eye, his remaining three branches were trimmed, revealing greenness and therefore that he was still alive.

It was decided that the main part of Balls would be put more under the dirt to give him a chance to make a fighting come-back. It will be interesting to watch his progress over the next couple of months- through winter and into spring!

Fingers crossed for a full recovery!!

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