Day at Mascot airport – a long one!

Well last thursday was a very interesting day, started at mascot nice and early, first job at Execujet, dealing with the newly arrived CASA212, a MTOW 7700kg multi-role aircraft that will be utilized by the peeps going to the frozen south…nutters. For an aircraf that was manufactured last year it was very rough, i definitely expected it to be much more finished and smick!, its amazing the difference a small amount of finishing off can do to an aircraft, keep in mind these spainards are part of EADS ie the likes of eurocopter!

Nonetheless after a few hours of looking round and getting a preliminary idea of what was going to occur with this aircraft it was time to get lunch. We (Autoavia) are responsible for the structural certification side of things, while our counterparts AEA are responsible for the rest! This probably a good thing since the limited amount of time available to complete the job!

Well lunch finishes and I head over to EAAL for a bit of carpet treatment! U never get out of there quickly…..can spend hours there doing very little, or u get the ‘while ur here can u have a look at this’!! Pretty straightforward carpet replacement, just need to get the guys to chase down those darn FAR 25.853 certs. After a few hours at Eastern it was off to Execujet again to track down a few more details for the CASA212.

Off to bankstown about 4:30pm mainly since i had to go and help Goair setup their supercomputers…talk about overkill. 3 brand spanking new boxes, one server with WinSBS, which i have never used, but hey, no time like the present to start learning!! After a reinstall and some dicking around i was on the way home at about 9:30.

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