Faces of Newtown – September 13, 2009

Gerry’s photos from the street shooting exercise on September 13, 2009. Newtown, Sydney.

Newtown, some of the most colourful characters pass thru and live here – here we took a few hours out of a Sunday morning to set up shop to take some images of the people passing along the street in Newtown. Response varied from complete enthusiasm to abuse 🙂

This is a concept that has been done before, most notably and recently by a US photographer who set a white background on a street side and requested if perople would like their portrait taken. It was simple enough, setup the position, no background or anything fancy, just a flash and ask passing people if they would like their image taken, with the option of having it emailed to them! Given that Newtown is a common place for all sorts of people to hassle you on the street from everything from a spare dollar to signing up that new phone contract, it was not surprise it was hard to get peoples attention. However once we had a good flow of people, others become curious and interested. It was really great to see the different faces of the area and very interesting to how many visitors to the area there are on a weekend.

Hopefully we will do this again in a few years and see what the differences are like..

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