Following the white right path

FOllowing the right white path - (c) Gerard Blacklock

Following the right white path – (c) Gerard Blacklock

Following the white right path

Something that I find challenging and enjoyable is finding those little seascape flows that lead a viewer through a image, sometimes it may take several images and 4 or 5 wave sets to get the right flow, position and desired motion – and of course all whilst keeping a keen eye on the ocean and balancing on a somewhat slippery rock.

In this case this was the second composition i tried here, the first was just off to the right than i noticed this little mad trail of white wash that trickled thru during the big wave set, hence a minor tripod adjustment some cursing as i nearly fell in the drink and this is the composition i came up with.

Thanks to some very nice sea fog and horizon cloud the sun got nicely muted enabling a nicely lit scene right into the sun.

Welcome to south chinamans beach just off the bombing range πŸ˜‰
Some trivia for ya’s – 2 Beaufighters collided here during a simulated attack on the airfield and a F111 got cleaned up by a bird in the 70’s

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