Gerry’s Kalendarium

Well its been years in the making, more to the point, its taken me years to get off my rear and actually spend the time and effort to generate it.

I have always wanted to produce a calendar, however it did have to be something more than the typical Red Bubble ones, something more than the stock standard black lined monotony, I wanted something individual, something designed by me, something with colour, the list goes on..

I just could not do it the easy way now could I?!

I also did want to put up with the absolute purgery of software out there to lock you into printing with them with their crusty designs.

So what did I come up with? well after 3 proofs (at some crazy price I bet) I came up with something that seemed to look ok and pass my quality assurance levels, which believe it or not are not that high! There was a few late nights and a few trips to the local A1 Printers (Enmore) – theres a plug for ya’s – with the tackers in tow but I do finally present the preview of the ‘Blacklock Kalendarium’.

Oh, what that I hear you say? its nearly Feburary already? yeah yeah, no point in being on time eh.

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