It's a jungle out there

and a complex one , no straight lines or an order simply millions of years to just randomly arrange stuff. The lower portion of National Falls can be seen in the top left of the image and whilst its probably less than a 100 metrees away as the crow flies, it felt like a lifetime away given the boulders and vines between us and it.

I included +O. Sydney straddling the slippery ass rocks whilst composing the 'Heart falls' (as coined by +O. Sydney) to give an idea of the scale of the scene – otherwise it simply loses perspective.

Techie love:
4 frame panorama (single images)
Exif/setup data:
D7000 coupled with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @11mm Aperture: f/11 ISO 100 and Shutter Speed: 4s
Out front: Circular Polariser, vines and bigass boulders…

25 thoughts on “It's a jungle out there

  1. this give a great perspective to the slippery obstacles we negotiated around. There were some risks straddling those rocks and balancing the tripod in a foot of water.
    I'll be posting a couple of shots on the 'Heart Falls' and pool in the near future.
    But this is a wonderful shot

  2. the other photographer give a great perspective to the scene. I was seeing much small rocks until I spotted him. I love the quality you get with your way of capturing the landscape

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